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favorite products

Favorite Products

Making your home flow perfectly for your use is what we strive for. When we’re able to make your home more efficient, more usable for you and your family, it’s even better. These are a few of our favorite products, bringing innovation and strategy to your home.

Plato Woodwork
Plato Woodwork

We can't get enough of Plato and their new options! They have taken cabinets to the next level. As a long time partner of Beyond Kitchens, we are big fans of Plato. They are made in Minnesota, have products that stand the test of time, and are great to work with. Now, they've gone to the next level and are making your life easier.

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Delta Shieldspray
Delta Shieldspray

We can't stop thinking about this spectacular line from Delta! It looks like a normal faucet but it's smart like a smart phone. With Delta ShieldSpray, you get to clean with laser like precision while containing mess and splatter. These faucets bring a strong water flow targeted toward stubborn areas while simultaneously keeping splatter away from you.

With these faucets, you'll spend less time over the sink and more time free to do what you want.

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Task Lighting
Task Lighting

Light and charging just got easier and more organized. Task has brought a beautiful and much needed solution to the world full of technology we all live in. Under cabinet lighting with USB and outlets integrated is a long-awaited dream. The options are abundant, they can be placed almost anywhere. Your life just got easier to charge!

On top of making charging easier, Task has more solutions. They offer a lighting option above your hanger and rod, directing light right where you need it. The drawer lighting is phenomenal. And, we love the shelf and cabinet lighting. We're pretty sure you will too.'

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Best Cattura
Best Cattura

This Best Cattura down-draft offers so much freedom and exibility. You don't have to conform to the standard installation parameters anymore, making it possible to practically put your cooktop or range anywhere you want to. It's my number one choice, I just love it!

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Delta Decor Assist

Delta Decor Assist makes aging at home beautiful! There's nothing better than helping to make a person's home more enjoyable and functional. When we get to do it in creative and inconspicuous ways, it's even better. Delta Decor Assist has just raised the bar on accessibility options.

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Delta Leak Detector
Delta leak

Who wouldn't want to know something was leaking before it was a problem??? WOW! We were blown away to learn about this product and are now telling everyone about it. Have you ever had a dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine leak and not know about it until there was significant damage. We've seen it and it's not fun.

The Delta Leak Detector can easily go under many appliances so you'll never have an unnecessary headache.

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2020 Design

This program is a dream for both designer and homeowner!
Realistic renderings and ability to show product selection
are fantastic. The 3D ability helps the homeowner be able
to truly see what the new space will look like. Creating  oor
plans in this program makes it easier for the installers to use
as their guide during the remodel.

You’ll love looking at your new space in 2020!

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The kitchen continues to bring us joy and entertainment.
We are so happy we chose to remodel!
Ann & Dave
Thank you for a beautiful kitchen!
You are such a good team and we appreciate the contributions each of you made to the final product.
Marian & Jim
Thank you for a wonderful year in our new kitchen.
Family, friends, food - memorable moments of laughter, joy and time together. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent... and your caring hearts!
Linda & Family
We are so thrilled with our new kitchen
and so appreciated all of your help, guidance, and expertise! It was a challenge, but fun, exhilarating, and well worth the wait and problem solving. Thank you and thank you!
Jane & Mat
When I walked into the bathroom most recently, after having been gone for a week,
I felt like I was walking right into your 3D design, but better!
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