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26 Years in the Making!

It was 1991 when the family first entered this home. The house was painted at least 4 times, a deck was added, wallpaper and carpets were removed, and all rooms were painted. The kitchen stood still, untouched. After 26 years of an L-Shaped counter, having to get on their knees to find a pan, and knocking and bumping into each other, the Barrie family has the kitchen of their dreams. When asking Karen about this project, she says “It’s been a wonderful experience. We feel like we’re grown-ups.”

A graphic designer and artist by trade, Karen wanted to make sure the kitchen was done right. She and her husband were thoughtful and planned the remodel of the kitchen, saving money ensuring it would be done right. It was a project that may not have happened had it not been for two artist friends both recommending Beyond Kitchens; they had gone through a master bedroom remodel just 3 years before which was a total nightmare.

It turned out to be a dream to work with Beyond Kitchens. (We promise we didn’t say this about ourselves!) Karen was a part of the remodel team and worked closely with the Beyond Kitchens crew, treating the remodel like her full-time job. Designing with a designer is something the Beyond Kitchens team loved. “Karen is such a joy to work with. She understands our industry and respects our expertise”, says Christina of Beyond Kitchens. During the construction phase, she would do homework the night before and be up and ready by 7am. With the calendar of events Beyond Kitchens provided, she knew what was happening each day. Throughout the process, Beyond Kitchens was there as the main point of contact orchestrating all facets and responding to every need.

What you see in these pictures is beyond what the Barrie’s imagined. Some on-demand, during remodel modifications made the result so incredible. Kitchen soffits are gone along with the pretend wood ceilings and beams which gave them nearly an extra foot of ceiling. While Karen’s husband wasn’t sure he wanted it at the time, he now says “This is so much better”.

The home flows seamlessly now. What they need is right where they need it in the kitchen making meal prep easy and efficient. The kitchen and the great room blend together and bring a welcome openness. “It looks like something from a design magazine, and we get to call it ours”, says a cheery Karen.

NOTE FROM DIANE: “Karen was extra-special to work with. She treated the entire team to a celebratory lunch upon completion of her remodel. WOW!”

heart of the project

DeGeus Tile & Granite

Coutertops / Backsplash
Project Details
  • Removed the existing soffits and took the new upper cabinets to the ceiling.
  • Moved the appliance locations for a better work flow.
  • Added recessed-can lights in the ceiling, decorative island lighting and under-cabinet lighting to give multiple “layers of lighting” to the space.
Before ImageBefore Image Beyond Kitchens gallery imageBeyond Kitchens gallery image
we thank &
we love
... DeGeus Tile & Granite
Beyond Kitchens gallery imageBeyond Kitchens gallery image
It looks like something from a design magazine,
and we get to call it ours.
Beyond Kitchens gallery imageBeyond Kitchens gallery image
The kitchen continues to bring us joy and entertainment.
We are so happy we chose to remodel!
Ann & Dave
Thank you for a beautiful kitchen!
You are such a good team and we appreciate the contributions each of you made to the final product.
Marian & Jim
Thank you for a wonderful year in our new kitchen.
Family, friends, food - memorable moments of laughter, joy and time together. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent... and your caring hearts!
Linda & Family
We are so thrilled with our new kitchen
and so appreciated all of your help, guidance, and expertise! It was a challenge, but fun, exhilarating, and well worth the wait and problem solving. Thank you and thank you!
Jane & Mat
When I walked into the bathroom most recently, after having been gone for a week,
I felt like I was walking right into your 3D design, but better!
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