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Bartender, Chef, & Barn Door

“He’s turned into quite the cook since the new kitchen”, says homeowner, Jennifer. For years, they tripped over each other in the kitchen; someone was trying to cook, get dishes, get something from the cupboard. With their newly finished kitchen, they now find there’s room enough for a bartender and a chef. The openness has made the home so much easier and more enjoyable to entertain.

Pulling the trigger to do the remodel wasn’t easy. It was a bit overwhelming. They tossed out ideas of tearing this or that wall down, doing this, doing that. They never knew where to start. Their home is a mid-century and they wanted to work with someone who would maintain the integrity of the homes roots. After all, it was featured in Good Housekeeping when it was built in 1958. Jennifer did some homework and fell in love with an example remodel Beyond Kitchens had done in a similar home.

“Diane met us and showed us three different designs. After a little sticker shock, we chose the most open floor plan”, shares Jennifer about her experience choosing the design of the remodel. The remodel grew through different areas of the house with new flooring, walls, fireplace tile, and removing a door. They ended up with a new bigger kitchen, a window wall visible all around, and a nice big pantry.

During the remodel, someone from Beyond Kitchens was on-site every day making sure everything was moving along as scheduled. Jennifer recalls, “it was pretty great to see that even our dogs were well cared for; the plumber always brought our two dogs treats.”

The integration from one room to the next is stunning. Tying in the fireplace hood style to the lighting and hardware brings a sophisticated touch. A barn door connecting the two rooms serves as a message board and it’s Jennifer’s favorite part – she always wanted a barn door!

“Beyond Kitchens helped keep the integrity of the mid-century heritage of the house while incorporating more of my antique taste”, closes Jennifer.

heart of the project

Dave Brandrup Builders

Project Details
  • Removed the wall between the kitchen and dining area.
  • Removed the existing patio door to the exterior and installed a single, full-view door that added wall space to the kitchen area and matched the exterior door in the living room area.
  • Installed a “barn door” at the entry of an under-used closet and turned it into a well-used pantry.
  • Installed the same hardwood floors throughout the entire main floor.
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... Dave Brandrup Builders
Beyond Kitchens gallery image Beyond Kitchens gallery image
Beyond Kitchens helped keep the integrity
of the mid-century heritage of the house while incorporating more of
my antique taste.
Beyond Kitchens gallery image Beyond Kitchens gallery image
We are absolutely delighted with the finished project
and would go with them again for another remodel
I had been dreaming about this kitchen remodel
for many years, and I was not disappointed!
Creative, classy, on time, within budget,
great communication along the way.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bathroom
and really enjoyed working with the Beyond Kitchens group.
Everyone including the staff was warm and friendly
and we feel as though we have made new friends.
They listen to the wants and needs of the client
and won't stop until your happy!
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