Cozy Heritage Kitchen

This home was worthy of a kitchen that invites you to cook, bake, and spend time in the second you step foot inside. The existing kitchen lacked functional storage and character. We enhanced the footprint by extending the cabinetry to span the length of the room, modified the existing built-ins, and incorporated layers of some of our favorite details. The brushed brass finishes, creamy cabinetry, and light wood floors create a space that is beaming with light and full of charm. The Cozy Heritage Kitchen is now a perfect fit for the home, and most importantly, the homeowners, who get to enjoy it every day.


From the moment they bought the home, our clients had been thinking about remodeling their kitchen. We were able to customize the cabinetry to fit their wants and needs, as well as align with their style. When every inch has a purpose and every item has a spot, we know we’ve done our job!

Marit Williams Photography