The BK Studio

Our studio is our home away from home and is a true reflection of us. The kitchen display is equipped with a variety of cabinet details and finishes, granite and quartz countertops, working appliances, and more. It’s already proven to be a valuable tool when designing kitchens for clients so they can physically see the quality, beauty, and functionality a BK kitchen will bring to their home. The front sitting and meeting areas create an inviting atmosphere where we can comfortably meet with clients and kick our feet up from time to time. Our office spaces are cozy, yet spacious, and lastly, the bathroom is wrapped in a fun wallcovering and paneling we can’t get enough of.


With this being our own studio, it’s been our biggest challenge and proudest accomplishment. It was a big undertaking to draft, design, and manage ourselves, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome and are so excited for all the projects that will be dreamed up and designed in this inspiring space.

Shot by Betsy Wall for Marit Williams Photography